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June 19, 2019

Baby Taylor

New Jersey Baby Pictures Baby Taylor’s mom, Ginger, first messaged me asking if I was able to do a specific Tonka Truck picture she found on Pinterest. Ironically enough, my Father in Law cleaned out his storage unit a couple weeks before and had given us my husband’s old Tonka Trucks. One of the trucks were almost identical to the inspiration photograph she sent me.

Even more ironically, Baby Taylor was sleepiest in the Tonka Truck that day. He just knew what image his momma really wanted to turn out perfect!

New Jersey Baby Pictures

Often, newborns are best when photographed before 14 days of age. However, this rule can be broken for preemies. Baby Taylor was born a few weeks early. So, while he was already three weeks old in these pictures, he still had that very sleepy, fresh newborn demeanor.

New Jersey Baby Pictures

Capturing features is one of my favorite parts about newborn photography. Those little baby features change SO quickly.

New Jersey Baby Pictures

Do you have a specific inspiration picture you want to create? While I definitely like to put my own spin on things, I would love to see what you want to do!


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