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April 25, 2019

Finley Matthew – South Jersey Newborn Photographer

Introducing Finley Matthew Spiegel! My third son is here. He was born March 20th at 4:59pm (the same time as his older brother, Grayson).

Finley has been such a good baby so far. He is awake a bit more than I would like at night but he really is a great baby. He has to be the smiliest baby I’ve ever met. He smiles constantly. I’m not talking “I’m pooping” smiles, I mean genuine smiles. Most of them happen when someone is talking to him.

His older brothers love him dearly, although they do not really understand the concept of “soft touch” or the fact that they can’t crawl over him trying to get over me. The adjustment has been a rollercoaster ride for all but we are loving life.

I’ve never loved that newborn stage as much as I’m loving it this time around. I’m just trying to soak in all the newborn cuddles I can.


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